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Houser and Company, is a Orlando, Florida based accounting firm operating with offices in Orlando, Florida delivering corporate, personal, tax
planning, and retirement planning services. Our firms services include the traditional accountant role to include personalized corporate tax preparation
and filing, tax planning, retirement planning, incorporations and start-up services, IRS problem resolution, QuickBooks training and support.
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Our goal is to provide superior accounting, tax, and
retirement planning services that go beyond ordinary.  
We do this through:
Providing Cost/Benefit.  Our services are designed to
save you more in taxes than our annual fee.
Client Satisfaction.  Providing you peace of mind and
quality work is of paramount importance to us.  We
understand that "
we are here to help" our clients succeed.
We can meet in your office, our office, or handle
everything online.  Call us 321-300-6036 or email us to get the ball rolling!