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Houser and Company, is a Orlando, Florida based accounting firm operating with offices in Orlando, Florida delivering corporate, personal, tax
planning, and retirement planning services. Our firms services include the traditional accountant role to include personalized corporate tax preparation
and filing, tax planning, retirement planning, incorporations and start-up services, IRS problem resolution, QuickBooks training and support.
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Services for Business:

All Tax Filings
We prepare business tax returns for all states and prepare payroll and sales
tax returns
as well.

Incorporations and Formations
Whether a Corporation, Partnership, Limited Liability Company or Sole
Proprietor, we can incorporate or form your new business within 72 hours.

In addition, we can help you set up your books, provide guidance and get you
going on the right track from the beginning.

Tax Planning
We will constantly be planning for your business throughout the year. Whether
it be a new tax law, techniques to defer income, or deciding whether to make a
sub chapter S election, we will be on top of it.

IRS Problem Resolution
We can communicate with the IRS or local government on your behalf. We can
clarify matters and work out the best arrangement for you. You have options!

Financial Statement Preparation
Our accounting and auditing services can be used for internal purposes or to
secure outside financing for your business.

Business Plans & Projections Planning
We can aid you in this all important process and will prepare your financial
projections the "right way."

Bookkeeping Services
In this changing economy there is a great need for bookkeeping "oversight."
We can handle your bookkeeping needs or we can train you to handle this
yourself in an understandable way.

QuickBooks Services
To help keep your books and manage your business we offer help with
accounting software solutions like
QuickBooks.  This includes:
  •        Help in getting started and setting up the package
  •        Ongoing Telephone Support
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