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Services for Individuals:

Income Tax Filing
We prepare business tax returns in all states.

Quality Advice
Whether it be once a year or once a day, you can count on our advice to
be timely and accurate. We have convinced our clients that no question
is a stupid question.

Tax Planning
If your planning needs are for current year matters or for longer term
matters, we are up to the task.

Retirement Planning
Today's environment warrants quality retirement planning regardless of
your age. Let us show you how.

Planning Your Child's Education
There are a variety of opportunities available today to save money to
secure your child's education.

IRS Problem Resolution
We can communicate with the IRS or local government on your behalf.
We can clarify matters and work out the best arrangement for you. You
have options!

If you have problems saving for the future or meeting your monthly
expenses, we can design a budget to fit into your goals.
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ORLANDO, FLORIDA  (321) 300-6036
Houser and Company, is a Orlando, Florida based accounting firm operating with offices in Orlando, Florida delivering corporate, personal, tax
planning, and retirement planning services. Our firms services include the traditional accountant role to include personalized corporate tax preparation
and filing, tax planning, retirement planning, incorporations and start-up services, IRS problem resolution, QuickBooks training and support.